When planning your wedding, there is SO much to think about. Where are we going to married? Should it be a big wedding? What’s the budget? What food should we eat? Which dress should I wear? Who’s going to be my best man…. AHHHHH! Anyone else got a headache?!

But one of the most important questions to ask yourself and your partner is WHEN? Set the date!

Summer may be the most popular – weather wise – and busiest season to get married in, especially in England, but why not consider having your wedding in the Fall?

Still need some convincing? Well then listen up ladies and gentlemen, because we have ten reasons why you should have an Autumn wedding.


1. Availability. You are more likely to get the date you want as well as all your suppliers, just because they less likely to be fully booked in the fall compared to the summer.

2. The Colours. Burnt orange, reds, browns and golds. Incredible contrasting colours that will make any photograph pop.

3. Romantic. Cozying up to a roaring fireplace with sparkles, roasting marshmallows with blankets and champagne, then sitting down to dinner by candlelight…need we say more.

4. Bright Bouquets. Natural textures and bright colours of the season can make spectacular wedding bouquets.

5. Avoiding extreme temperatures. Although it may be a little chilly, your guests won’t be chattering their teeth or sweating their make up off on your wedding day.

6. Also…Frizz free wedding hair.

7. Themed Decor. Oh the endless possibilities! Pumpkin lanterns/ centrepieces, tartan table runners, pine cone place holders, leaf place names, warm apple cider, hot chocolate and caramelised apples. YUM.

(All images: Pinterest )

8. Guests. Most people go away on holiday during the summer, so it means that the most important people will more likely be there on your special day.

9. More accessories. A long sleeve dress or an elegant jacket could really improve you wedding look.

10. Tropical Honeymoon. It may be getting cold in Europe but in places like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Caribbean and Indonesia the summer is just beginning, so why not jet off on an exotic holiday!

So… who’s having an Autumn wedding now? 🙂