Micklefield Hall is a beautiful venue with it’s renovated barn and breath-taking views but it is also a family home to the Rankin’s. Meet Jamie & Anna, husband & wife super team who have the pleasure of living in the beautiful Georgian country house along the drive of Micklefield Hall. Their first wedding was in May 1999 and in the last 19 years the business has grown rapidly. Here’s a little more information about them and why they love doing events.

Q1: Tell us a little bit about yourself & your roles at Micklefield Hall

Anna: I look after all the staffing, suppliers, office etc. I deal with all the film crews and we all get involved with the Bridal show-rounds. I am definitely a people person so feel I am in the right job!

Jamie: Our roles are essentially complimentary but I will tend to do more in the management of the farm & the outside areas as my background is in farming and property.


Q2: What made you want to get involved in the Events Industry?

Anna: We moved to Micklefield when my father became ill in 1998. It was very clear that we had to build a new business if we wanted to look after this very special place and weddings seemed like an obvious choice. We had our first wedding here in May 1999 and business has gone from strength to strength ever since!

Jamie: We both worked in retail for many years so we have a good understanding of the importance of looking after customers.

Anna helping a bride get to the barn in the rain. Photography by Sarah Legge

Q3: What do you love most about Micklefield Hall?

Anna: To be honest, I love EVERYTHING about Micklefield. The beauty, the peace, the gardens, the woods, the buzz of a wedding and the fact that every single day is different.  And then there is the added excitement of never knowing who is going to walk through the door next.

Jamie: Creating a beautiful place for those who live here and those who visit to enjoy.


Q4: What wedding trends or ideas have you see that you have liked the most?

Anna: Rustic! The barn provides a great backdrop for a proper country wedding – natural. I love that! (think I’m a bit of a country bumpkin at heart!)

Jamie: The trend towards smaller quality weddings plays to our strengths

original porch entrance

Jamie in front of the Great Barn before it’s renovation in 2008

Q5: What is your favourite time of the year  for a wedding?

Anna: June. I ADORE roses. The gardens look truly magical at the moment.

Jamie: I think May is perfect, the garden is blossoming and the brides are blooming.


Q6: What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt whilst working in events?

Anna: Service. Get it right and you will succeed every time!

Jamie: Don’t cut quality to meet a lower price


Q7: What advice would you give to couples during their planning process?

Anna: Don’t get stressed! Once you’ve chosen the venue, the caterers and booked the Registrars, all the other things will fall into place. Then it’s time to enjoy just being engaged!

Jamie: Stick to getting the essentials right – relaxed venue, good food, good wine, good music; then it will be a great day!


Q8: From your experience, what would you tell a bride and groom to remember on their wedding day?

Anna: Timing is v. important. Try not to cram too much into your day but, at the same time, ensure you have enough time to be with all those people who are very important to you – friends & family. It’s all about creating a balance!

Jamie: Talk to all the older generation, they really appreciate it. Make a fuss of Granny!

Optimized-Nancy Greg-15g

Jamie assisting cleaning the pond out before a wedding. 

Q9: Are there any wedding industry suppliers that are favourites of yours?

Anna: You probably shouldn’t have favourites when it comes to suppliers but I’m afraid I do! I love the whole team from Kalm Kitchen AND Andrew Fleming the Florist. Why? Because not only do they do an amazing job but because they care as much as we do!!

Jamie: Anyone with enthusiasm who wants to be the best in the industry are my people.


Q10: And finally, what are some of your hobbies or non-related activities?

Anna: Tennis – I’m not very good and, at the same time, I’m very competitive so am often disappointed (but I still love it!). Skiing – I always feel at home in the mountains! Biking with my husband. Also being with my family. We have 4 children and a new grandson and, if I could choose to go on holiday with anyone, it would be with them!

Jamie: I like growing my own vegetables, playing tennis & skiing in remote places.