Good evening to all you lovely readers! Anyone noticed that it’s starting to feel like Autumn?! The leaves are starting to turn orange, the air is getting a little cooler and our lovely tans are fading *sigh*. Anyone else wrapped up in their winter jumpers yet?  I guess that means that summer is officially over. But never fear, we are here to cheer you up! If you are thinking about having a summer wedding in the near future, then this post will definitely get you inspired as we have gathered a few photographs of couples who have hosted their wedding’s at Micklefield Hall this summer. So grab a cup of tea and biscuit and let’s get started!

Suzie and Paddy – May 16th

Photographer: Tom Redman Photography
Caterer: Kalm Kitchen

Jo and Nick -June 12th

Photographer: Pete Garner Glowski from South Bank Photography
Caterer: Kalm Kitchen

Angela and James – June 20th

Photographer: Nigel Edgecombe Photography
Caterer: Kalm Kitchen

Nicky and Kenny – July 17th

 Photographer: Arif Gardner Photography
Caterer: Andre

Vicki and Will – August 22nd

Photographer: GK Studios
Caterer: Kalm Kitchen