Merry Christmas everyone! Only 1 week until Christmas!!!! Anyone else as excited as we are?!

We have something that we would like to share with all the brides and grooms who are thinking of picking Micklefield as their venue/have already booked with us. We have our own SWEETIE CART!

Yes that’s right! We have our own sweetie cart, fully functioning and beautifully decorated.


The Sweetie cart is available to anyone who is holding their wedding, party or event at Micklefield, with a variety of packages to suit up to 200 guests. We have a large variety of retro and modern sweets to choose from which are all locally sourced. And the best part is is that our sweetie is already on site so there’s no delivery charge!

Interested? Then please call our office on 01923 778898 or email Abby at for packages and prices.