Planning a wedding can be such a roller-coaster! From narrowing down your guest list, arranging your seating chart and even thinking about those little things that can personalise your day. Every wedding that we have hosted at Micklefield Hall have all been unique in some way, shape or form. But we have noticed over the wedding period that some themes have become more popular and regular at our weddings. Here is a list of the top wedding trends and themes that we have witnessed in 2015. You never know, you might get some ideas when planning your special day.

(Photo credit to via Pinterest)

Naked Cakes

Everybody seems to be having naked cakes! I don’t mean literally a naked cake with no decoration but rather there is a light layer of sprinkled icing and then decorated with  berries, strawberries and flowers. It’s definitely the “in thing”.

Wedding Flip flops

This is fantastic idea. Nearly every women at your wedding will be wearing heels so let them give their feet a rest with some flip flops to dance and walk around in. Why not get some for yourself?!

Polaroid cameras

Whether its the wind up disposable cameras or an insta camera, polaroid cameras are a must! Some couples place one on each table so that their guests can take selfies that you can keep. This is a great way to capture every one of your quests for your wedding album.

Photo Booths

Another way to capture all your guests having fun at your wedding. The most popular one has been a Do-It-Yourself Photo booth.

Paper Lanterns

Simple yet effective. Hang your lanterns with invisible wire to look like they are floating. Even add LED lights to let them light up your reception.

Lace wedding Dresses

Ever since Kate Middleton’s wedding – yes I know it’s a couple of years ago – all bridal shops have doubled in lace dresses. And why wouldn’t they? They look gorgeous!

Jam Jar Centrepieces

Wooden log, a couple of decorated/plain jam jars and some wild flowers. Simple, easy and budget friendly centrepieces.

Sparkler send off

Need an idea for a nice send off at the end of the evening? Give your quests some sparkles and let them light up the end of your big day – also a fantastic photo!

Light up Letter

Personalise your day with some light up letters of your initials. 

Blackboard Signs

Dinner menu, welcome sign, thank you note, photo booth this way, order of the day…ENDLESS possibilities and opportunities to use blackboard signs. And really easy to make!

Mismatched Bridesmaid dresses

Whether it’s the colour scheme or style, this is a great way to keep your bridesmaids happy and include some variety in your bridal party.

Vintage suitcases

The biggest trend is using vintage suitcases as your gifts and card box! At least that way at the end of the evening you can gather them up easily.