Micklefield Hall film location - grand dining room

Film Location

Micklefield Hall has always been a popular with location managers and directors and is currently operating as a COVID safe film location. Micklefield has a huge variety of spaces, historic architecture and stunning landscapes.  With ample space for supporting vehicles, Micklefield Estate is the perfect space for filming and photography.

We have worked hard and fast to ensure that we are a COVID safe film location. We provide a great array of safe spaces for crews to use during tight Government restrictions and lock downs.

Our venue adheres to all of the British Film Commission – Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High-end TV Drama Production (June 2020) policies and procedures.

How is Micklefield Hall a COVIDsafe film location?
  • Our estate is closed to the general public and therefore adheres to the BFC Health and Protection Regulations, allowing work on films and television programs to continue to take place at Micklefield Hall.  Exclusive use can be given to your production for the entirety of your shoot and strike days.
  • Our numerous buildings are all able to facilitate a one way system and with several buildings, large and small across the estate, your teams and departments can be kept separate and with plenty of safe space to work in.
  • We have large areas of outdoor, hard standing, enabling ample space for several unit bases and food trucks.  These hard standing areas are within close walking distance of The Great Barn and Manor House.
  • We also have a long standing catering partner   (Kalm Kitchen) who are ready and prepared to offer COVID safe, film and tv crew catering packages.
  • Micklefield Hall also has a large, double entrance, ventilated and heated marquee onsite that can seat up to 100 crew, socially distanced, perfect for lunch and break times.
  • Movement between our buildings is all outdoor, removing the risk of people and equipment being moved within tight corridors, pinch points or internal, unventilated spaces.
  • Our buildings have ample toilet facilities, and other toilets available across the estate
  • Micklefield Hall also has 6, individual bedrooms almost opposite the Manor House and The Great Barn.  These can be hired for an additional price and used for individual cast areas or break out areas.
  • The interiors of the available areas are suitable for all variations of COVID disinfecting procedures; fog, mist, vapour or ultraviolet light.
  • We have the ability and space to receive and store deliveries for your production 72 hours or more in advance of your production date
  • We can facilitate a virtual guided tour of our estate and buildings for directors, to help you limit the number of face-to-face meetings.  These are facilitated via Zoom and hosted by the owner of Micklefield Hall, Anna Rankin.  We also have an extensive archive of photos of our spaces at Micklefield Hall which can be found below.
  • There are large outdoor spaces around Micklefield Hall that can be used for rehearsals or outdoor meetings if required.
  • The Micklefield Hall estate can be accessed 24 hours, facilitating late and early shift divisions to minimise contact and cross-over.
  • Micklefield Hall has ample workspaces for essential crew and services.
  • Owners Anna & Jamie can move out of main house to wedding bedrooms if required
  • There is limited outdoor noise at Micklefield as it is a private estate, allowing the opening of windows to improve air circulation indoors, whilst not disturbing filming.
Who can I contact to discuss our filming requirements?

Anna Rankin is co-owner of Micklefield Hall and the person to contact regarding filming at Micklefield Hall.


07855 785 838

What availability do you have for filming?

Due to all events and weddings being cancelled due to current restrictions, we have plenty of availability for filming.

Please note we will only allow one production on site at once, to adhere to guidelines.

Contact Anna Rankin today to discuss.


We offer a broad range of film location opportunities throughout the main Manor House, Gardens and Grounds.  All sorts of filming has taken place over the years, including adverts, historical and nature documentaries, films, popular television series. We have also hosted product shoots.

The Micklefield Hall Manor House is part Georgian, part Victorian and there are extensive outbuildings, stables. Our magnificent 16th Century Tithe Barn, Temple, pond, fruit orchards and herbaceous borders are also popular filming areas. 

Due to parts of the Micklefield Manor House being re-designed by Sir John Soane, and his connection with Downing Street, many political films and television dramas have been filmed here.

We regularly get feedback from location managers that our venue is unique as it has such a diverse range of areas and back drops. Especially popular is our commercial kitchen which is empty and available for filming whenever there isn’t an event on.

Film Location Catering

Our catering partner Kalm Kitchen has produced a set menu exclusively for our filming bookings.

Micklefield Hall | Anneli Marinovich | Kalm Kitchen

Kalm Kitchen

Download the Kalm Kitchen catering brochure to view their Film Location catering set menu

Explore our film location

Explore all of the areas available to film in by visiting the galleries below. Please make a note of the names of the areas you are interested in filming within, these appear on each photo.

To arrange a location recce, please contact Anna Rankin or the office to discuss your requirements and arrange a date 01923 778898.