How to clean a top class wedding venue

Our venue can hold up to 200 guests, and with multiple areas that are used during a wedding or event, and all the suppliers that make our events fabulous, you can imagine the mess that is left! So how do you clean a top class wedding and events venue? 

In this blog we speak to Morgan Perkins from Techne Solutions, who manage our cleans at Micklefield Hall.

Hi Morgan! So, who are Techne Solutions and how did you get involved?

“In 2016, I’d been running a start-up cleaning company for five years, following a ten year career in the catering industry. As the company became more demanding, I was ready to take the next step and expand. Two additional Directors/owners joined the venture – their support was more than I could have hoped for, and the combination of our expertise, skills and passion made a huge difference. 

Techne Solutions is now an established cleaning company, operating in and around Hertfordshire. We’re recognised for our high standards and dedication and we are experts in our field. We clean everything from children’s nurseries to offices, end of tenancies to bars and restaurants”

How did Techne team up with Micklefield Hall?

“I met the Micklefield Business Development Manager, Jenny, at an awards evening where Techne was nominated. The following week I popped up to have a look at the venue and see if we could help. You would never think that this venue was just outside Watford! Secretly hidden in the countryside, an idyllic setting boasting a country barn, marquee and accommodation that mirrors the beautiful surroundings.

We have a great rapport with the staff at Micklefield Hall and I put this down to the fact that we are both have the same drive to provide the very best and most professional service possible.”

What do you think makes the partnership work?

“Our backgrounds fit perfectly, which enables us to work together really well. Having personally managed wedding venues in the past, we immediately understood the specific needs of Micklefield Hall. We put together a bespoke cleaning schedule that’s carried out after each event, ensuring we deliver the highest standards after every clean.”

What are your favourite parts to clean at Micklefield Hall?

“We take great pride buffing the magnificent oak floor in the barn and ensuring the large, comfortable beds are made to perfection. I also enjoy making sure that the spacious bridal room is set up, ready for the next bride to start their big day. I can just imagine the excitement and anticipation in this room on the morning of a wedding!”