50YearsAsMicklefield-logoWhen Anna’s parents bought Micklefield Hall in 1967 from the Clutterbuck Family, there were 5 gardeners and enough estate staff to field a cricket X1. The M25 had yet to be built, rates were a fraction of what they are today and a Captain Poynder rented the home farmhouse for a total of £7 per week (fully furnished).

There were 350 acres, 100 of which were arable, the Dairy herd arrived in 1969 and left in 1996 due to plunging milk prices.

In 1998, due to failing health, Anna’s father handed over to the next generation and Anna & Jamie arrived together with their children. It became very clear that the Estate needed to earn its keep and the wedding business was born, along with their 4th child, in May 1999.



Passionate about wildlife and conservation, Jamie has instigated the planting of over 50,000 trees in the last 19 years, the Roe deer have returned, the gardens have been re-designed and almost every single barn, house, shed, outbuilding has been renovated, including the Cricket Pavilion which is now an office (The Estate has an outdoor staff of 3 so sadly not enough to field a cricket X1).



Environmentally conscious and with an on-going sustainability program, Micklefield now has solar panels generating green energy, a bore hole drilled to a level of 57 metres to provide the farm with pure drinking water and a biomass boiler which heats the barn with wood from the Estate.

Twenty Ruby Red Devon cattle graze in the Parkland and Anna’s Oxford Sandy & Black pigs rootle in the paddocks.

As a result, Micklefield is a wonderful combination of a happy family home and a thriving business with wildlife and wedding guests happily co-existing in a little oasis just 25 miles from Central London.

You can view the original estate agents sales sheet from 1967 here

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