Different types of confetti

The days of non-biodegradable confetti seem to be rapidly fading into the distance with the increasing coverage and weight behind protecting our planet. So what eco-friendly, wedding confetti products are out there to ensure you still achieve that perfect confetti moment at your wedding?

I think many of us can remember a time when we have come across the slightly muddy, wet and trodden sludge of old confetti that lies strewn across the doorstep of a church or registry office. Made from products that won’t biodegrade, these old confetti types do nothing to protect our planet.  The industry of new age confetti is growing, with a plethora of Made in Britain suppliers offering plenty of alternatives.

Purely petals

With their dazzling colors and natural variation in sizes, a great starting place is the use of real petals. They flutter perfectly in a light breeze and you can easily source petals that are in-keeping with the color scheme of your wedding, perhaps matching your bouquet or table center pieces. But bear in mind seasonality if its fresh petals you want rather than dried or freeze dried.  Certain fresh petals won’t be available all year round and seasonality will affect how long they will keep for and their freshness for your big day.

Size also counts and for those perfect wedding photos, smaller petals will help your photographer as they fall slower and create more of a shower effect, but not too small as they will be hard to see. Why not add an aroma to your confetti shower by using herbs such as chamomile, lavender and eucalyptus?

All that glitters

Be cautious when buying “biodegradable glitter” as some can be a tad misleading. Whilst most biodegradable glitters are made from the cellulose from the Eucalyptus tree, for manufacturers to make them shine, it seems some are using types of metals or plastics so always check.

Traditional tissue

Biodegradable tissue paper is available on the market in an array of colors, shapes and sizes but can take several weeks to decompose.  This option obviously lasts for ages, allowing you to source it well in advance of your wedding, but again check that they aren’t made shiny by the use of metals and plastics. Some companies even provide a personalized service, allowing you to print a picture, logo or short message onto the confetti itself, but always check its biodegradable and nontoxic confetti and ink!

Grain of rice

Some traditions show rice being thrown after the big ceremony. Whilst a natural material, it has been referenced as being harmful to some birds and can also make certain surfaces slippery when the grains land. Its hard enough to walk in those beautiful wedding heels anyway, without tiny, rolling grains underneath your feet!

Soluble or sprouting

Why not create a visual legacy from your big day and add seeds into your confetti bundle? Obviously, landowner’s permission will be required, and they may have quite an opinion on the seeds being thrown and where, but if your confetti throwing and after party is in your garden, what a way to be reminded of your wedding day! The Confetti Bar offers SproutfettiTM which is made from compostable paper that contains flower and/or herb seeds in it that grows when scattered.

White wedding

If your ceremony is at Christmas and it’s a snow-like confetti shower you are, then have a look at coconut flakes. However, before you fast track one of your guests into an allergic reaction, check none of your guests have a coconut allergy! Another snow-like option is SolufettiTM, another product from The Confetti Bar, which is made from blown cornstarch creating small fluffy pieces.


Don’t forget to think about how your guests are going to be armed with their eco-friendly ammunition! Envelopes, cones, baskets, bags and sachets are all ways your confetti can be packaged and handed to guests for the big moment. All easily personalized with your names, wedding date or a personal message, these provide another small but elegant detail to your big day.

Confetti canons are another option, but rarely liked by venues. As the name suggests, this device fires confetti quite a distance, some up to 12 meters, creating quite a mess, so be cautious with this one.

However, your guests are going to throw your environmentally friendly confetti, it doesn’t mean it can just be left where it falls. Always talk to your venue’s event manager, before getting your heart set on this wedding tradition, to ensure:

  1. They allow confetti at all
  2. What types of confetti they allow
  3. If they allow confetti canons if this is the way you want to go
  4. Exactly where and when confetti can be thrown
  5. What is the clean up policy and who does this