Catering for Indian weddings and events

Established in 1997, Arun and Rocky guided Ragamama from strength to strength, diversifying into not only catering for Indian weddings and events, but catering for multi-national cuisines, spanning all continents. As one of our catering partners for Micklefield Hall, we learn a little more about the company and how they fulfil their ‘promise’ to their couples.

It’s all in the name

The Sanskrit word ‘Raga’ (or Raag) means tone, colour or passion and in the world of Classical Indian music, Raga is a melodic framework for improvisation, evoking feelings in the audience.  Ragamama Ragasaan create an experience for their clients, bringing a fusion of different flavours, fragrances, moods and love.  “Choosing Ragasaan is an investment towards your event. We treasure and value all our clients; preparing to go that extra mile to make each event uniquely tailored to them.” says Arun at Ragamama Ragasaan.


Indian heritage places a great emphasis on hospitality, showing graciousness towards guests in all social situations.  Ragamama have adopted a core set of principles, echoed in their promise to their clients. “Our events are orchestrated using our core values; love, honesty, integrity and respect. We value our clients and maintain lifelong relationships with them. We continuously fulfil our client’s wishes and exceed expectations. This in turn, creates the event of your dreams. Some may call it a mission statement; we call it ‘our promise to you’.”


The multi-national team at Ragamama, pulls together a wealth of culinary experience and ideas from around the globe, “Having decades of experience, we offer an exclusive service. Our menus are crafted by our finest chefs, who offer a delectable array of enchanting, fresh and fantastic cuisines. Sounds too good to be true? You can book our food tasting trials and experience something very special. Here at Ragasaan, we use only the finest blend of exotic spices and ingredients to create wonderful, diverse and colourful medleys of flavours. Our chefs do not stop there; the exceptional presentation of our dishes is also a sight to behold.”

The atmosphere at Micklefield Hall

Ragamama Ragasaan have catered for many Indian weddings at Micklefield Hall over the years, and their flair and imagination, are always clear to see. “Planning an exceptional event, to reflect someone’s dream, has to be flawless. We amalgamate different flavours and fragrances in order to create an atmosphere and experience like no other. When choosing a historical and attractive venue, Micklefield Hall is the best fit. With it’s incredible historical past and astonishing architecture and style, this venue creates an atmosphere never seen before.”

Event management

Ragamama Ragasaan orchestrate the catering at their client’s wedding, they have built up a wealth of experience in managing and planning events.  Whether it’s the table décor, lighting, flowers, mandaps or entertainment, they have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to organise a truly special banquet or party.  “We bring a great deal to the table and make sure everything comes together seamlessly, on time, within budget and with the utmost precision”.