Kosher catering at Jewish weddings

Kosher caterer, James Zimmer

James Zimmer, “caterer of distinction”, is a Jewish wedding caterer for Micklefield Hall.  Established in 2000 and based in Elstree, this high-end caterer, caters for a huge array of events including weddings, bar or bat mitzvahs, private parties, corporate and charity events.  Their kitchen teams include award winning chefs, enabling them to offer their clients bespoke menus, combining modern twists and luxurious dining.  The venues that they cater for, reads like top 100 of London’s finest and most exclusive venues, including the Royal Palace Banqueting House in Whitehall, The Landmark Hotel and The Roundhouse. In this blog article, we hear from James A. Zimmer himself and why his company loves to cater for Jewish weddings and parties at Micklefield Hall.

Good morning James! First, can I ask what your teams love about working with Micklefield?

“The owners and team at Micklefield Hall are above all professional and coordinate each event as if it was their own. They ensure the success of each event personally and are very accommodating and approachable.  These attributes are essential for a catering partner and venue to be able to deliver first class events to our Jewish clients, who expect perfection at every level.”

There are so many Jewish wedding caterers, how do couples find the best Jewish wedding caterer for them?

“The important consideration for a bride and groom, that are specifically booking a kosher caterer, is to ensure the food is under Kosher license.  This licence ensures that the strict laws around cleanliness, purity and quality have been maintained in every ingredient, product, and preparation process. This is really important to our couples as it allows them to follow Jewish tradition and heritage and show their obedience to God.  Not only is the Jewish wedding ceremony itself steeped in religious tradition and sacred practices, but so is the food that is served.”

You have catered for many, many Jewish weddings and parties at Micklefield Hall over the years.  Are there any that stand out in your memory as your favourites?

“Ooo, that’s a hard question! Every wedding and party that we have catered for at Micklefield has always been such a joyous and happy celebration but if I had to pick, my top three events at Micklefield Hall were:

  • Georgia & David Wagner,
  • Sandra & Anthony Shmueli,
  • Yvonne & Garth Allardice Batmitzvah

So, once a couple has picked you as their Jewish wedding caterer, what happens next?

“Upon confirmation, we meet with our clients and discuss the important aspects of their special day.  For example, the style of their event, the time of year they are holding the ceremony, their favourite foods and décor.  This enables us to gather inspiration from their preference.  We then involve our expert teams to tailor make their menu, ensuring that every event is personal and exclusive.”

 Where do you get your inspiration from?

“The inspiration for the flavours and presentation of our food comes from travelling around the world and understanding different cuisines. Wherever we go, we absorb the atmosphere, the flavours and the colours.  We visit the local markets to get a first-hand understanding of that countries’ gastronomic experience. With this food travel experience, we can inspire our master chefs to be creative and infuse every dish they create with passion and impeccable presentation.”

What is the difference between Kosher catering and Non-Offensive catering?

Kosher is authentic, supervised and regulated food. Our meat must be sourced and handled, according to traditional Jewish law and even our fruits and vegetables need to be checked by a supervising Rabbi to ensure they are perfectly clean and bug free. Kosher is strictly supervised and keeping to the Jewish laws of observance in food hygiene and food that can be consumed. Kosher style catering is a copy, with no supervision at all. Non offensive catering is not using any fish or meat that is not allowed by Jewish law. But both options are not considered kosher.”

With your bespoke menus, how do you go about choosing the right kosher wines?

“We make suggestions to our clients, once they have chosen their menu.  We decide together from our extensive list of kosher wines what wine will complement each of their dishes. We also serve a great variety of kosher beers by request in addition to specialising in some amazing cocktails.”

What can your couples expect from their pre-wedding tasting?

“Once a client confirms their event, we invite them to our tasting lounge to enjoy a mouth-watering array of dishes.  This helps them to decide upon their chosen menu and us to ensure they are going to be blown away by their food on their special day.”

What is one thing you think your company does the best?

“Service.  Our team is absolutely dedicated, and we all take pride in producing successful events. We regularly hold training for our team, and we know each staff member personally. Service is our passion, we take it seriously, it is our watchword.  From the client’s initial enquiry, to the clearing up in the small hours of the morning, our team constantly strives to re-define excellence, in all that we do.”