Local MP visits Micklefield

We were delighted to welcome the local MP for South West Hertfordshire, Gagan Mohindra today. Our local MP visits Micklefield Hall to talk about the effects of Covid-19 on our events business

Anna and Jamie Rankin, the owners of Micklefield Hall, joined the Association of British Wedding Businesses (ABWB) when it formed in June 2020. The ABWB is a task force created to engage with Government on how the wedding industry can once again thrive, after the effects of the pandemic.

Anna and Jamie have sent many letters and emails to MPs and Ministers during lock down and as we emerged, urging them to reconsider the tight restrictions on wedding venues such as Micklefield Hall. These tight restrictions are having a large and long lasting impact on not only venues, but the suppliers that provide clients with their perfect weddings and events.

The opportunity today to speak directly to MP Gagan Mohindra was welcomed, allowing us the time to show him just how many wedding guests we could safely accommodate (with ample social distancing measures) in our large venue. We asked Mr Mohindra, to lobby the idea, that wedding venues are instead restricted to a percentage of their total capacity (as recorded in the premises licence) and not just restricted to a universal number of 30 guests, when hosting wedding receptions.

If wedding venues were allowed to host receptions for up to 50% of their total venue capacity, then that would be a huge (and safe) boost to the wedding industry, all the wedding suppliers and all the couples desperately waiting to get married.

Micklefield Hall are doing everything they can to enable their brides and grooms to mark their special day. Even when you adhere to every restriction and limit numbers to 30, guests can still have a magical day. Aanchal and Richard became husband and wife at Micklefield this September, amidst the pandemic and are plan to return to Micklefield in summer 2021, when they can celebrate with all of their friends and family. Here is what they had to say about Covid, their day and Micklefield Hall.

“I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you and express how incredibly grateful we are to all of you and everyone who works at Micklefield! The last few months have been so tough on us, having to delay our wedding and come up with new plans, but I also know it’s been so tough on you guys having to work with every single couple and not have any certainty about what you can and can’t do. All these months later, I still can’t imagine what you’re going through and I hope things start to get back on track for you. However throughout that, even with all of the chaos, everyone at Micklefield has been so positive for us, has been so warm and loving and has made our journey so incredibly easy. Covid could have been an absolute disaster for us, but thanks to you, we were able to have the most magical day last Sun and I just know next April is going to be just as magical!

I’m sure you all know by now that I’m a worrier, but I had no worries last Sun. I saw Anna and Lauren in the bridal suite, who had everything absolutely under control. I saw Jamie setting up tables and the rest of your team I’m sure were there in the background, dealing with all the things I didn’t need to worry about. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it all. I was able to have a calm day, just focusing on my marriage, my husband and my loved ones. I was able to have fun and the best day ever, which I cannot believe after being told all these horror stories about brides who stress on their wedding days or about plans falling through that they have to deal with. I didn’t have any of that thanks to your planning, your organisation and the love you clearly put into our event. We love Micklefield but we are truly lucky that you are the team there, as you make the venue even more spectacular!”