The best hair styles for your wedding

Wedding hair styles

There are so many variables when it comes to hair styles for your wedding and so many styles to choose from. In this blog we explore the most popular choices and factors you need to consider, with expert advice from one of our favourite stylists, Charlie Pearcy.

We all have an image in our mind as to what we wish our hair would look like on our big day, but it is important to take inspiration from around us to inform our choice.

  • What type of hair do you have? Factor in your hair length, it’s texture, it’s colour, it’s volume and how long it stays where you to tell it stay!
  • Consider your style of wedding dress.  Match structured dress styles with structured and sleek hair, or for a hippie style, relaxed dress, match it with flowing relaxed hair with a few wildflowers perhaps!
  • Where is your ceremony taking place? If you have opted for an in-door ceremony, your hair is going to be exposed to fewer elements, such as wind and moisture, so you can be slightly more adventurous. If your ceremony is outdoors, factor in what the weather is doing to ensure you avoid emergency frizz control!
  • Pick a style that reflects who you are, something that you feel not only comfortable but confident in.
  • Trawl the usual sites on the internet that provide an expanse of visual inspiration such as Instagram and Pinterest. Grab any photos of styles you fall in love with and take these to your stylist to give them a clear idea of what you are going for, but not too many!

So, let’s hear from the expert. Charlie Pearcy has 15 years of experience as a hairdresser and make up artist.  She trained at the well-known Brushstrokes makeup school and since then has built up an amazing client base including OK! Magazine, Company magazine and music artist Marina and The Diamonds. Charlie is a popular choice for brides at Micklefield Hall.

Hi Charlie! So, what are the trends for wedding hair this year?

“Hair trends this year will definitely feel more relaxed and romantic, ranging from styles of full messy buns, sleek straight styles, to luxurious waves framed with a middle parting and soft tendrils framing the face. These styles can be great if you would like your hair up off your neck perhaps to show of detailing on the back of your dress, or just up out the way for the day.”

Can you recommend a hair style that you think works really well?

“Although chic and understated I think the classic ponytail is very elegant and sophisticated, it can give that up but down feel all in one style.”

What hair accessories are available for bridal hair?

“Like last year, 2020/21 will see lots of hair jewellery and beautiful flowers to enhance your chosen wedding hair styles. There are so many gorgeous hair accessories out there right now from floral jewellery, elegant star clips, to fresh flowers which can be delicately woven or braided into your hair style. Floral jewellery can be used to accentuate and enhance a simple hairstyle while not be too overwhelming.”

What do you like about Micklefield Hall?

“Getting brides ready in the absolutely stunning, hair and makeup room at Micklefield, is ideal for any wedding morning. The room is bright and fully equipped for all your hair and makeup needs, making the morning of your wedding feel fun relaxed and pampered. It’s definitely one of my favourites!”

Photographs by Charlie Pearcy and Sarah Legge Photography.