Wedding insurance

When planning your wedding, the last thing you want to think about is what might go wrong, but never underestimate the importance of wedding insurance!

Just like all insurances, prices vary with the level of cover you purchase. But you want to make sure that your wedding budget accounts for this important cost.  It’s also worth remembering that unforeseen wedding disasters can be cleverly turned from a ruin to a mere inconvenience. 

Never have we seen this so acutely, as in the recent coronavirus outbreak. Hitched surveyed 350 couples in July 2020, to find out what couples were doing.  They found that 75% of couples were not planning on cancelling their big day, but rescheduling it instead, with 80% playing it safe and pushing their day into 2021.

Micklefield owner Jamie said, “Wedding insurance has come to be highlighted as an absolute essential in the present crisis.  Talking to many couples, who had to contact their insurers to check their cover, some insurers were are paying out but most weren’t as ‘Pandemics’ were excluded.

It is a good idea to have insurance in case the venue has a fire or something that prevents it from operating or someone has an accident and so the wedding must be postponed.  There are many, many wedding insurance providers, providing all sorts of policy cover options, so shop about and check out their reviews before purchasing. It’s also worth checking the small print and finding out what the policy exclusions exactly are!”

Having a good relationship with your venue, caterers and all your suppliers is essential.  Ask them what their cancellation or postponement policies are in advance, and as soon as you spot a potential problem, pick up the phone and have a conversation.  

However, even if it’s a small wedding you are planning, or even one abroad, get that safety net in place.  Give yourself the piece of mind needed to allow you to concentrate on all the exciting things you need to arrange for your big day.