How to display food at events and weddings

When it comes to Instagram-able food service, Kalm Kitchen are the pros but what are all the different stations, corners and platters? How do you display the food at weddings and events to make it look as amazing as it tastes?

Whether it’s your canapes or dessert, Kalm Kitchen help you make the service of the food, at your event or wedding, as beautiful as your other elements. A study published in the Physiology and Behavior journal in 2012 found that the visual look of food can alter the eater’s perception of taste, smell and flavor. So how can you make your food look as delectable as it tastes?

Your wedding morning can be super busy with preparations and the final touches, so Kalm’s breakfast grazing tray makes a snacky solution! Delivered to the hungry bride, groom, bridesmaids or grooms’ men, this tray makes a grand entrance of its own.  The platter layout makes it easy to pick at the different items as hunger strikes and when there is a quite moment!

If it’s a corporate event that you are organising, the grazing station is the breakfast platter on steroids! It can make for a perfect welcome for your delegates as they arrive, or a great lunch option.  Allowing guests to take as little or as much as they prefer, it also promotes networking and a friendly and relaxed way to dine together at your business away day or product launch.

Anneli Marinovich Photography : Kalm Kitchen breakfast platters

‘From a visual perspective, the concept of a grazing stall or station works so well, creating a dramatic centrepiece at any celebration,’ says Kalm Kitchen’s Jen Middlehurst. ‘But the real treat is coming up with amazing combinations of flavours and individual elements. The result makes the most of seasonal ingredients and sublime sweet and savoury pairings.’

Cheese, yes please! And how could you resist when it is presented like this? A popular alternative to pudding these days or as an addition to your evening food, a good selection of fabulous cheeses and succulent fruits tempts most people. Again, a great way to provide an opportunity for networking at corporate events or get your guests out of their seats ready for the evening dancing at your wedding.

A very popular and fun addition to weddings and events is the new doughnut wall by Kalm Kitchen. Looking like the result of a game of doughnut hoopla, these freshly made doughnuts suspend from wooden pegs on a brightly colored wall look fabulous. As well as experimenting with imaginative flavour combinations based on some of your favourite desserts, Kalm also challenged local baking legend, Jack Sturgess, to come up with a vegan version. ‘All I’ll say is that apple puree instead of egg in a vegan doughnut is a total game changer,’ says Jack.

Sarah Legge Photography : Kalm Kitchen doughnut wall

Whether it’s a dessert bar or a patisserie boutique, perfectly mouth sized desserts are presented as works of art, with guests able to get up from their tables and pick and choose their sweet sin. Edible glittering gold, pastel toned flowers, and wildflower jellies all combine to make this a true feast for the eyes! However, if you want your guests to stay a little more seated, why not opt for the dessert sharing platter, shared straight to the table.  Perfect example is Kalm’s Eton mess board, that not only looks phenomenal, but entertains all, as one of your unlucky guests gets to be the first one to cut into its multiple layers!

You eat with your eyes first, Jeannine F. Delwiche, Physiology and Behaviour, Volume 107, Issue 4, 5 November 2012, Pages 502-504