How to capture the best group photo at a wedding

A lot of our couples love relaxed and candid shots of their big day. However, love them or hate them, most weddings involve at least some form of formal group photographs (even if they’re just to please the parents!). One of Micklefield’s best wedding photographer Sarah Legge Photography has drawn up a few tips to get these photos done with the minimum of stress.

“I absolutely love natural wedding photography but I also believe that a key part of your wedding story is four generations of family being in one place for the first time, or you and your best friends dressed up to the nines on one of the best days of your life.

Most of my wedding couples don’t want to spend too much time working through their group photographs, so here are my top tips to make this part of your day as straightforward as possible (so you can get back to Kalm Kitchen’s amazing canapes!):

  1. Draw up a list in advance, and be specific – Who do you want in your ‘family’ shot – just parents/siblings?  Cousins or step-parents too? Planning in advance always saves valuable time (and potential awkwardness!) on the day.  
  1. Not too many shots – I recommend 10 or fewer combinations, although of course it’s always your shout!
  1. Talk to your parents – If you think your parents will have different ideas about who should be in the group photos (or how many there should be) it’s worth discussing this before the day itself.
  1. Advance planning – It’s worth telling the wedding party when the group photographs are going to be so they don’t disappear at the key time.
  1. Ask a helper or two help gather people – and do this in advance so it’s not a surprise! Guests prefer to be rounded up by another guest rather than the photographer, plus they are more likely to know who people are. I find teachers are excellent at this job (and avoid people who’ll be too distracted by the bar!).
  1. Listen to your photographer’s advice – They can advise on the best location (taking account of the light as much as the backdrop – I suggests various different spots in Micklefield depending on how sunny it is). They can also suggest the best order to do the shots – I find it’s quickest to do family shots first with bridesmaid/usher shots later.”