Meet the Micklefield Hall Team

We would like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Event Managers, Lauren.

Lauren joined the Micklefield Hall Team in May 2019 and has four wedding seasons under her belt to date. We asked Lauren a few questions now she is back at Micklefield Hall and ready for the 2024 season after being on maternity leave. 

Hello Lauren! Please tell us a bit about you…

Hiya! I’m a new ‘ish’ Mummy to my one-year-old little boy and a fluffy pooch called Oreo (if you spot a picture of him, you’ll know why he’s called Oreo!). My husband and I got married here in May 2022, which is my absolute favourite month at Micklefield… the blossom and wisteria are just so beautiful come rain or shine!

I’m artsy and creative at heart and love planning things, whether that be my little ones first birthday (it was over the top, but he loved it… and oh the memories!) or a family BBQ… cue the sunshine please! The people who know me best would probably question why everything I am involved with needs to be organised to within an inch of its life, but I guess that’s why being an event manager suits me!

I absolutely love meeting couples (old and new!) and getting to know them before the big day… hand me a radio, and maybe a box of tissues (for my happy tears during the ceremony!) and I’ll get stuck right in!

Lauren Ryan-706

What has been your favourite thing about being a part of the Micklefield Hall Team?

The people I work with… We are such a small, close-knit team and a real work family. Over the years, we’ve become more friends than colleagues (as cheesy as it sounds!), so you know there is always someone sitting at the next desk ready to celebrate the highs or bring you a cup of tea during the lows.

We also work with such wonderful suppliers, who are (of course!) our extended work family – It’s always so lovely to see familiar faces on event days and to have people who just get you and also want to make sure the wedding day is perfect (Charlotte, Sarah, Andrew, Natasha… you guys are just amazing!). The beautiful surroundings help as well, especially the outdoor ceremony area, which is just breath-taking!

Micklefield Team-184

What are your favourite wedding flowers?

BLUES! I’m slightly bias as my wedding flowers were blues and whites and greens… but I just love them!

I love it when the blue delphiniums and little blue thistles are incorporated into the bouquets, as they are just so unique and pretty! For a more poetic approach, blue flowers are said to represent peace and tranquillity which (in my opinion!) you definitely want to lap up for your ceremony. Here are a few pictures of some of my favourite bouquets…

Lauren Ryan-160
Emily Jan-238
Lauren Ryan-157
Lauren Ryan-180
Lauren Ryan-415
Lauren Ryan-695

What are your top 3 first dance songs? 

I’m a huge Coldplay fan, so one of their songs always brings a smile to my face, or a tear to my eye… I’m sure you’re sensing a running theme here with my tears! I’m also partial to a slightly more upbeat first dance song – September by Earth, Wind and Fire is one of my all-time favourite songs and will get everyone on the dancefloor! And at number 3… Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (I know, it’s really cliché) is so lovely and romantic… And one that everyone can belt out to.  

Lauren Ryan-1008
Elaine Dom BEST-853
Maya Jack 435
Chris Tami 485
Lu Tim 516
George Courtney 570

What are your wedding planning top tips? 

I’ve probably got too many to count but my Number 1 is suppliers… It’s always a good idea to use/book suppliers who have been to the venue before (if they fit your wedding day vibe, of course!) as it makes everything SO much easier… Sarah Legge Photography is by far my favourite wedding photographer and has been to Micklefield Hall hundreds of times – She knows all the best places for family shots and private couple photos… and let’s be honest, once the day is done and dusted the photographs (and memories!) are all you have!

Number 2. If your budget allows I would highly recommend having a videographer (Natasha from Musk Films is my favourite!)… It’s so special to catch snippets of your grandparents and be able to show your children a video of your wedding day – Having a moving memory allows you to relive the best day of your life all over again… I mean, I’m yet to watch my wedding video back without crying!

Number 3… Remember to take a moment on your wedding day, just you and your new husband… whether that be wandering back down to the ceremony area or simply watching your guests party from the mezzanine above the dancefloor – It’s so important take a minute to soak up the joy of your special day, just the two of you!

I promise I’m wrapping it up shortly… Number 4, A band! I have no idea why but live music (especially in the Great Barn at Micklefield) just creates THE BEST atmosphere for your eventing reception – A band (like The Collective) really get the party going by getting all your guests on the dancefloor to dance the night away!   And just to squeeze in one more… I totally have to agree with Izzy that paper confetti definitely makes for the BEST photos!

Lauren Ryan-433
Lauren Ryan-742
Lauren Ryan-401
Lauren Ryan-1050
Lauren Ryan-447

What is your favourite memory at Micklefield Hall?

 That’s a really tough one, as there are too many choose from. Here are my top 3:

  1. Managing my very first solo wedding at Micklefield Hall on Friday 19th April 2019 – M&M were such a gorgeous couple! It was a perfect Easter Fridy and the sun was shining which meant the ceremony could take place by the pond… It was picture perfect and just as well really as Sarah Legge was here (result!). I always show new couples the pictures from this wedding as it’s definitely a special memory from my time at Micklefield… cue the tears!
  2. When the heavens opened unexpectedly at E&M’s wedding as the groom was riding his bike into the religious ceremony surrounded by colourful smoke and dancing guests… It was simply too late to do anything, but the Groom managed to style it out whilst we swiftly handed out umbrellas to guests… The shower was over soon enough and the sun shone for the rest of their religious ceremony on the main lawn, phew!
  3. Walking down the aisle on my wedding day at Micklefield… I’ve seen SO many brides walk down that beautiful aisle on the herbaceous border that it I couldn’t quite believe it was my time! As you can imagine, I pretty much sobbed the entire ceremony (even my husband shed a few tears!) but it was one of the best days of my life at the most perfect venue.
Monica Mikey-382
Monica Mikey-223
Monica Mikey-493
Lauren Ryan-329
Lauren Ryan-355

What are you most looking forward to in 2024?

After being on maternity leave for the majority of the 2023 wedding season, I am so excited to get stuck back into doing what I love! I have already reached out to most of my 2024 couples, and they are all super lovely, so I can’t wait to be a part of their special day at Micklefield. It’s also going to be another exciting year watching my little boy grow – He’s so close to walking already, so if I’m not running a wedding, I’m sure I’ll be running around after him for the rest of the summer!

Thank you Lauren for answering our questions, we look forward to another busy year!

Thank you so much for having me – It’s been so lovely to reminisce about my time here at Micklefield and I cannot wait  to dive into the 2024 wedding season. Always feel free to reach out to me directly… – Ps. I have tagged a few suppliers in this post because they are genuinely amazing and help make every wedding at Micklefield Hall super special!

Thank you to Sarah Legge Photography and Alex Tenters for these amazing photographs!