Temple Wedding

In this blog we celebrate the gorgeous temple wedding of Yasemin & Pete who, despite the COVID 19 pandemic, finally got their magical day at Micklefield Hall.

Delaying the wedding date

Yasemin & Pete were originally due to get married on 25th April 2020, but Coronavirus hit the world and everything was cancelled. The couple took the decision to delay their wedding to October 2020 but again things looked no better and so moved their wedding to early 2021.

Due to several factors, the couple then changed their minds again and wanted to go ahead, whatever the restrictions on numbers, on 27th September 2020. They were so lucky as the second lockdown began beginning of November!

Yasemine & Pete's Wedding | Micklefield Hall | Jack Ladenberg Photography
Cherry trees heavily laden with fruit in the sunshine in front of The Great Barn

Temple wedding ceremony

As the weather was so glorious, guests were able to be seated outside, tucked round the circular pond, all socially distanced. Yasemin made a grand entrance to meet her soon-to-be husband Pete, who was waiting for her in the romantic Temple, hidden away in the Micklefield Hall grounds.

Yasemine & Pete's Wedding | Micklefield Hall | Jack Ladenberg Photography

Walking away from the Temple, the newly married couple walked past their guests as they cheered and congratulated them. Yasmin’s dress was a stunner, swishing as she walked and revealing her beautiful shoes.

Yasemine & Pete's Wedding | Micklefield Hall | Jack Ladenberg Photography

The confetti throw

The wedding guests lined the herbaceous borders and threw white rose petal confetti at the Bride and Groom as they walked up towards the Manor House, with a celebratory glass of Champagne in hand! You can just see the Temple hiding behind Yasmin & Pete.

Yasemine & Pete's Wedding | Micklefield Hall | Jack Ladenberg Photography

The wedding photos

The wedding photography for Yasmin & Pete’s gorgeous day was expertly captured by the dramatic and elegant photographer, Jack Ladenburg. Rich colours, romantic looks and interesting framing.

Yasemine & Pete's Wedding | Micklefield Hall Herbaceous Borders | Jack Ladenberg Photography

Yasmin had a stunning bouquet of flowers from the supremely talented Andrew Fleming. Greens and creams that matched the flowers that were in full display in the Micklefield borders at the time of their wedding.

Temple wedding at Micklefield Hall

The Temple is one of Micklefield Hall’s most loved aspect. Very few (if any!) visitors to Micklefield have failed to be totally blown away by this little building. Tucked away at the end of the herbaceous border, guarded by the large, dark, circular pond and shaded by the tall and handsome oak tree which is over 450 years old. A romantic gift from the old owner of Micklefield Hall to his wife on her birthday, the Temple is a very special place that has witnessed the marriage and blessing of so many happy couples.

Yasemine & Pete's Wedding | Micklefield Hall Temple| Jack Ladenberg Photography