What to feed your evening guests at your wedding

You are now officially married!  Your guests have feasted on your wedding breakfast, they’ve laughed and cried at the speeches and now their working up an appetite on the dance floor.  So how do you ensure that your guest’s energy levels don’t flag before the party finishes?  What do you feed your evening wedding guests? We hear from the lovely Pete, who works at Kalm Kitchen, about their late-night munchies.

Late night munchies are delicious savoury bites that are served towards the latter part of your big day. Consider this a second wave, to get you through to the end, with the vision of a beer in one hand and a cheeseburger in the other. Late night munchies are circulated amongst your guests, made fresh and hot, your guests will not need to seek the food, we will come to them, meaning no queuing and no missing out!

It’s important to remember that at the end of a long day of drinking, dancing and being merry, your guests are going to get hungry again.  However, there’s no need for another sit-down meal and people are too busy partying to notice a buffet hidden in the corner.  So, a simple cone of chips or burger in a bun will go down a treat and act as a lovely way to send your guests home with satisfied tummies!

Eddie Judd Photography

Here at Kalm Kitchen, we would suggest serving the late-night munchies no later than three hours after the end of your meal.  If you have extra guests arriving in the evening, it’s wise to schedule the munchie delivery at a time that suits the rumblings of your extra guest’s stomachs.

When it comes to choosing your late-night munchie, perhaps there is a style of food that you love, such as comforting pots of macaroni and cheese, gooey slices of cheesy pizza or bundles of bagels filled with delicious fillings.  Kalm Kitchen have a long list of different ideas for you to browse, however if you have a mini dish in mind that you want brought to life then please share it with us!

Another, increasingly popular option, is a cheese table, allowing your guests to graze as they please.

Now, not every one of your day guests is going to be hungry (especially after that amazing wedding breakfast they have feasted on) and we at Kalm hate food waste.  So, we suggest catering for 75% of your day guests but 100% of your evening guests.  In our (lengthy) experience, this is the perfect amount!