Planning a corporate event

With so much time apart recently, never has it been so important to pull your team together and re-calibrate the group dynamics; ensuring a smooth recovery from the effects of Covid-19. But what goes in to planning a corporate event?

Zoom conference calls, the joys of working from home, furloughed staff, economic downturn, these were unprecedented times. As the country begins to find a new normal, corporate team building days are a great way to get everyone back on the start line, ready to begin business again with a united enthusiasm. But what sorts of activities are great at streamlining the minds of your employees?

Get a team together, who can not only pull together an amazing day, but can also ensure it hits the businesses purpose for the corporate day, ensuring return on investment. Is the aim of the day to celebrate the dream team being back together again, or is it to celebrate just how much the business managed to achieve during the lock down? Get the purpose clear and specific and then sculpt your day’s theme and agenda around this, whilst always ensuring you achieve it within budget!

Find the perfect venue, either by using an event planning company or, if your planning team has the expertise, hunt the venue yourselves! Think about your numbers and venue’s max capacity. How much space is needed for breakout sessions and do you need outdoor space for games, challenges and tasks? Is this an all-day event during the week or an evening dinner do at the weekend?  All will have a big impact on venue pricing. Planning on presentations and videos? Make sure your venue has audio visual equipment or you will need to plan for this in the budget.

Get creative and think of memorable events to add a bit of team building into your corporate away day! There are many companies that will provide the equipment and leadership required to deliver some amazing activities, from crystal ball challenges, to escape rooms, scavenger hunts to clay shooting but make sure the activity suits the day’s purpose and isn’t just an activity you’ve always wanted to try! Again, its important to ascertain what your venue has in terms of un-conventional space, does it have a woodland you can use for paint balling or a large field for a sports day? Ask when you visit the venue for a viewing, they will be focused on showing you the indoor space and may not think of other spaces they can include for you.

Set the date but be mindful that this can have a huge impact on your budget. Many venues suited for large corporate days also do weddings, so try to avoid the peak wedding season, and go for a weekday. This can almost halve your venue cost!

Factor in the food, because everyone looks forward to the food at an event! Get a good quality caterer on board, who can work with you on ensuring that the eating part of your day is as team building as the activities are. Formal sit-down meals don’t foster an environment of networking and bonding, so go for catering options that get people up and excited. Sharing platters, buffets and barbecues are great for this whilst also allowing you the ability to cater for the dietary requirements of your guests.

Don’t forget the business bit and keep the boss happy by getting in some powerful presentations on future projections and motivational videos. Don’t go overboard, we all know the risk of death by PowerPoint, make it light and engaging.  Get other members of your team involved with speeches, funny videos, and lighthearted awards for best office baker or funkiest socks award.

Capture the day by hiring a videographer or photographer, as these sorts of days are loved by the marketing department.  Show the world what a great company it is that you work for and how much fun you all have whilst getting paid!